You recognize this kind of images? Yes: we are now also on Facebook!

The blue and white network is in stock exchange today, then why not in La Plantation?

Regularly, you can see beautiful photos, news on our offers, on the life of our small nest there.

You can also make us there your impressions, your photos, your questions, etc.

This page is also your, naturally: in social network it “social” there and there is “network”, no?

Then, do not hesitate to share it, to speak about it, in “y” speak, of coming to exchange with us.

To extend the dream or to prepare it, we can pass from now on here also:

Https: // www.facebook.com / la.plantation.974

Thank you Mr Zuckerberg!

Thanks to all and see you very soon,

All the team of La Plantation greets you!